One Reason to Read the Bible Each Day

 “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.”

-John 15:4

As Christians we have a natural longing to know more about Jesus Christ and to have a closer relationship with Him.  The only way that we can grow in Him is to make it a priority to be in His Word every single day.

Why? For one specific reason.

The Bible is our only certainty. There is nothing that is for sure in our lives except the Bible and death. We never know what waits around the corner.  We make plans for something two months in the future, but yet we don’t know what will happen between now and then.  There is one certainty in our lives and that is the Bible and the words of Jesus. In Matthew 24:35, Jesus says, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but My words will never pass away.” The Bible is the only reliable truth that we have. Men’s various ideas and theories will vary and go out of date, but God’s Word will never change.  It is the only factor in our lives that we can put absolute confidence in. His Word is the only unchanging, unshifting rock that we can place out full trust in.

Well I know that was short, but what else really needs to be said?

My encouragement to you this week is to be in God’s word at least 20 minutes each morning. I hope and pray that you will come to a closer relationship with Christ as you do so.


What Can I Do?

I am going to sound extremely strange at first, but just hear me out. As Christians, we have duties to perform. The most important is to glorify God. “Come on Solomon, I’m supposed to learn stuff when I’m on this blog.” Yes, I know that’s very obvious but if you think about it, you will probably realize that there are many different opportunities in life to give God the glory that He deserves.

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Three Things That Christ Accomplished In Coming to Earth as a Man: Part 2

The second thing that Jesus fulfilled when he came to earth was all the Old Testament prophecies pertaining to the Messiah. The Roman Empire controlled all of Israel at the time of Jesus. The Israelites resented the Romans…so much so that they had warped and twisted the clear teaching of the Old Testament to make themselves believe that the coming Messiah’s purpose was to free them from their bondage to Rome. This misconception led to many men showing up and leading the Israelites in a revolt against Rome, something that the Israelites were always eager to do. These fake messiahs that came along all failed to complete one specific detail. They did not fulfill all Old Testament prophecies pertaining to the coming Messiah. Of all the men that claimed to be the messiah, Jesus was the only one who fulfilled all Old Testament prophecies. One of the most well known Old Testament prophecies that talks about Christ’s coming is Isaiah 53. This chapter in the Bible discusses with great detail the trial and death of Christ around 2000 years before it ever took place. The details of Christ’s death fulfilled this prophecy perfectly unlike the death of any previous “messiah.” Isaiah 53:5 says, “He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities and the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his stripes we are healed.” That coincides perfectly with what Jesus did for us. He was wounded for what we did wrong, He was bruised for the sins that we committed, and the peace that we have is a result of the chastisement that was inflicted upon Him. In verse seven of chapter fifty-three, it says that He was oppressed and afflicted but did not speak. This prophecy is fulfilled in Matthew 27:12. “And while He was being accused by the chief priests and elders, He answered nothing.”

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Three Things That Christ Accomplished In Coming to Earth as a Man: Part 1

There have been many famous people that come and go throughout the history of the world- famous sports players, inventors, scientists and many others. All these people had impact, and all accomplished something, or else they wouldn’t be famous. But from a Christian perspective the person that had the most impact on the world was Jesus Christ, and His coming to the earth 2000 thousand years ago. Much was accomplished, or should I say, completed, when Jesus came to earth in the flesh. Books have been written, films have been produced, and many other attempts to encapsulate this broad subject have been made. I believe that everything that Christ accomplished while on this earth as a man can be narrowed down into three main ideas. The first is that Christ came to earth to provide a way of escape from the just consequences of our sins. The second reason is so He could fulfill all the Old Testament prophecies pertaining to the coming Messiah. And the third is to give Christians an example to follow and a goal to strive for. This concept of what Christ accomplished is a very broad subject. I will do my best to break down each of the statements I made above in a simple, easy ­to ­understand way while still doing it justice and not robbing it of its complexity.
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He is Faithful

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

-1 Thessalonians 2:16

These are words spoken from Paul to the church that was clearly in doubt about God.  They apparently did not know that He is sufficient for us at all times.

I have recently been praying to God about my relationship with Him. I felt like I had not been putting him first and I didn’t like that.  I want my relationship with Him to be first in my life and I felt like it could be better  (believe me, your fellowship with God can always be better). Continue reading

I was rich and I didn’t even know it!

Proverbs 13:7 says “There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.” I was watching a sermon by S.M Davis last night about relationships. He said something to me that was so awesome that I just had to share it with you all. He told me that the relationships of life are as valuable as silver and gold and should be treated as such. I was really surprised!! I had always valued my relationships with family, friends, etc., but I never thought of them as valuable as silver and gold.

The preacher asked a very interesting question, “Would there be less quarrels and fights in this world if people valued there relationships a little more?” Absolutely. Would you sit on the edge of a canyon and hold a piece of gold in your hand, flipping it from one hand to the other? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing when see the friendships and relationships of our lives as less valuable than what they really are. The more your treat your friendships like ordinary, everyday things, it is like tossing that piece of gold higher and higher into the air.

The scripture that I quoted above is so fitting to my former mindset. I saw my friendships common, everyday parts of life. They are not. I was rich and I really didn’t know it. I am writing this post to encourage you not to do what I did. How you view your relationships will change how you treat them. Hold them tight and treasure them. They are priceless. Treat your friendships like a commitment, always wanting to improve them, always wanting them to be better.

Before I sign off I would like to remind you [and me] of one more thing. The most priceless and valuable relationship you can have is that with Jesus Christ. A preacher said once that if your relationship with God is weak, that is not God’s fault. Do you treat your relationship with Christ as more valuable than gold? He is the best friend that we can have.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did. Many people are rich and do not know it. Treat the friendships and relationships of life like silver and gold because the joy of life is the relationships of life.

By his grace and for his glory.



A few weeks ago I played a soccer game, and along with all of my other teammates I had high hopes for a win. I went into it very confident and sure we could come out on top. When I showed up at the field I found out that two of our players were not coming. One of them was an incredible goalie, while the other was a very important cog in our back line defense.

It was 2-2 at halftime, and we all were very disappointed with our team performance. Two calls by the referee was just awful and greatly effected the score. I wasn’t happy at all.
You are probably thinking, “What is the big deal- it’s a tie game.” Well, it didn’t stay that way. The other team got a corner kick and when the ball came flying in, one of their big, tall players jumped up and headed it in. He was too tall and could jump too high; there was no way we could stop him. That was frustrating. The game ended 3-2 with us losing. I was as mad as a wet hen. My big thing was our lack of players and those two bad calls by the ref. The other thing was that we were ranked higher than the team we played. We were on the losing side of an upset. At the end of the game we all sat in circle and the coach told me something that really sunk in: “If we are all sunshine and happiness when we win, that is no big deal. But when it’s time to lose, do we act the same way? Or do we delight when we win and mope when we lose?” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

In our lives everything is not going to be smooth sailing. There are going to be up periods and there are going to be down periods. [ Ecclesiastes 3:1] How we handle the down periods greatly changes the affects that it has on us. Future trials will come your way, and how you handled former trials will determine how you deal with greater and more complicated down periods of life.

This subject of “ups and “downs” always gets me thinking about an eternal mindset. What really matters when you put everything on this earth into perspective? We all will die someday, and then eternity is all that matters. Does whether or not we go 6-0 in our regular season matter in eternity? [ Please remember that I am preaching to myself just as much as I am to you.]

Defeat is all a part of life. I think you would all agree with me that my expectations of going 6-0 were a little far fetched. We should expect defeat in our lives but not let it rule the way we live and give us an excuse for apathy. Writing about this always gets me thinking of how Paul and Silas dealt with defeat. What did they do? They sang hymns! They praised God even when tribulation was thrown right in their face…whipped and thrown in prison, all based on a false accusation when all they were trying to do was preach the gospel.

Boy, that hits home for me. I faced a small trial just a few days ago with our goat fencing. It was sagging, which means my impetuous goats will begin looking for ways to get out. While I was trying to fix it, they succeeded. I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say when I saw the goats munching in my Dad’s garden, I didn’t sing hymns. [You can ask my mother how I reacted…she’ll probably laugh]

1 Thessalonians 5:18 is basically the scripture that this whole post is based on. Please remember that whatever trials and defeats that you have experienced or are experiencing now are nothing compared to what is in store for us in heaven. We always have something to be grateful for. Rejoicing can change our mindset from negative to positive real fast. Before I leave, I would like to leave you with a simple challenge- this week, rejoice in who you are in Christ. We have a lot to be joyful about.