How to Get Rid of Haters

As teenagers, we receive a lot of flack from the world. We’re horribly stereotyped. Teenagers are the rambunctious (+10 points for spelling, er, autocorrect), disrespectful, good-for-nothing people in our society. Those who have gone before us may not have been exactly “good” kids, so we’re naturally placed in a category that may or may not describe us, but is what they saw other teenagers were like when they grew up. And that’s just from the adults!

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The Last Dance

Pandemonium. Horror. Fear. Those are words not normally associated with a dance, but when Jesus comes back, those nouns take on a whole new meaning.

The Lamb has finally returned, but now as a lion. The despised and rejected Lord has come back as a righteous and judgmental King. He came and went in a blink of an eye, and in that brief moment, hundreds of millions of people went with Him. The disappearances will never be forgotten. The chaos that followed will never be equaled. Most will be searching for answers, but some already know what happened. The hearers of the “Good News” have the explanation: the Saints are “caught up in the clouds.” The Christians are finally with their Savior for eternity. The hearers, but not the believers, know that their Christian friends have gone home. This is the last dance.

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Five Steps to The Secret of Life

In the past few months, my family has had the honor of attending multiple funerals. If you’ve ever been to a funeral or visitation, which I am doubtless many of you have, you understand the amount of thought that goes into and leaves the event. The families that prepare for such occurrences put a lot of time and love into the decorations, venue, and more. But the people that attend them probably leave with more contemplations than they should, at least I did. For example, after a recent funeral service, I started to question, “What is the secret of life?” I was honestly more interested in what the term meant (I had just heard it thrown around a few times), but what I found were a lot of results of cheesy quotes and pictures saying things about “happiness” and “doing your best”, but I left the initial research being more curious than I started. So, without further ado, here are five steps to the secret of life:

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Recently, as apart of our homeschooling endeavors, my mom created a week-long Bible study that goes in-depth on Jesus’ return. The interesting thing, however, is that there’s not just one return, but two that we should be looking forward to. As an attempt to kind of summarize her revelations (pun intended) and what God has shown her and us through this amazing study, I’ve put together a little list of what happens before, during, and after we, as Christians, go home to be with Jesus forever in heaven. I plan to do a more in-depth look at all of these sometime in the future, but for now, here is an overview at what all is going to happen: Continue reading


Our 2 Year Anniversary!

Hey guys!

So sorry to have been away for so long, I hope to get back into the habit of posting regularly fairly soon… I’ve missed you all too much!

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, Found Who I Am launched into the beginning of its third year on January 1, 2016, meaning that we are now over two years old! It’s really hard to believe that it’s been that long, but we won’t leave any time for reminiscing… Let’s jump into the fun stuff. 2015 was a huge year for us, and most of it is due to you, the reader. For starters, though, Callie and Solomon joined our clan of writers and have really put up some great stats for their first year! Here’s some statistical information that it is my pleasure to present… Our writers already know about half of what you’re about to read, but some of it they haven’t!

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most common mistake

One of The Worst Mistakes Christians Teens Make

Most likely, the reason you are currently viewing this post is due, in large part, to its catchy title (it’s amazing, I know…). If you are concerned about your faith, or how you could possibly improve your walk, then it’s a good thing you clicked through.

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Half-Year Roundup #2

When I first started the Friday Roundups, they were founded as a way to congratulate my fellow bloggers and single out great posts that you may have overlooked. Well, it’s definitely been awhile since the last Friday Roundup… To give you an idea of how long, the last one was on January 9, where Callie took first place with her groundbreaker, The Perfect Sacrifice. After a half-year of phenomenal posting (mostly not done by me…), there is a lot to fit into 3 slots, so I have expanded the field to 5 for this one roundup. Yeah, it’s been awhile so I’m still a little rusty, but I’ll try my best. Let’s goooooo!

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